Just like in a traditional gaucho pizzeria you will not find a menu at Delucca; for a fixed price, you can sample an unlimited number of our pizzaiolos’ several handcrafted pizzas and much more! 

This is how it works: The moment you are seated, you are welcomed with a charcuterie and antipasto platter. After you order a caipirinha or a great glass of wine, you are served a fresh green salad and a few seasonal small dishes and then the real show begins! The pizza servers start roaming past your table with numerous handcrafted pizzas with unique and exotic toppings, directly from the wood-fired ovens. 

You can sample and repeat as many slices as you wish of all the incredible creations of our pizza chefs or just pick your favorites ones. And when you think you cannot possibly ask for anything else, you will find out that we have the most incredible dessert pizzas to finish your meal with a sweet note. 

Charcuterie & Antipasto Platter
Seasonal Greens and Fire Roasted Vegetables
Daily Selection of Several Savory and Gourmet Dessert Pizzas

Price: $18.95 per person
Children, 3 years and under: complimentary.  
Children, 3–5 years: $5.  
Children, 6–12 years: $12.95.  

Prices don’t include beverages, alcohol, sales taxes, and gratuity. The concept doesn’t allow unfinished food to be taken home.